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  1. Canon CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Fundus Camera with Canon EOS-50D

    Color, Red-Free, and Fluorescein Angiography Imaging The CF-1 Digital Mydriatic Retinal Camera integrates a digital SLR Learn More
  2. New Nidek AFC-230 Auto Fundus Camera with Canon EOS D5

    Anterior Eye Photography Mode Smaller Pupil Diameter Mode High Quality Retinal Imaging Learn More
  3. New Nidek AFC-210 Auto Fundus Camera with Canon EOS D5

    High Quality Retinal ImagingUnique Blink Control Accurate Anterior Eye Observation Learn More
  4. New Kowa VX-10α Digital NM/M/FAG Retinal Camera

    Two-In-One Mydriatic and Non-MydriaticVX-10α becomes the perfected Learn More
  5. New Kowa VX-10i Digital NM/M/FAG/ICG Retinal Camera

    Highly effective and ergonomically designedVX-10i, camera of extend Learn More
  6. New Kowa Genesis-Df Handheld Digital Retinal Camera

    2.5-inch large TFT liquid crystal display screen ID input function Forehead pad equipped in standard. Learn More
  7. New Kowa Genesis-D Handheld Digital Retinal Camera

    Type: Hand Held Digital Color Field of View: 30 degree horizontal Angiography: Yes  Learn More
  8. New Auto non-mydriatic retinal fundus camera system DRS-1

    Compact, streamlined design Short exam time: captures both eyes in one minute (single field) High quality images Multiple fields acquisition Learn More
  9. Cobra Fundus Camera

    Cobra realizes digital fundus imaging of high resolution and fine gradation.  Learn More
  10. New Volk Pictor with Retinwa and Anterior module

    interchangeable modulesversatile hand held deviceophthalmic - posterior and anterior segment Learn More
10 Item(s)