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  1. New Palomar Vectus Low price

    Vectus combines the optimised features of Diode laser:Wave Length.Pulse width.Power.Spot Size.Cooling power Learn More
  2. New Palomar Starlux 500 Low Price

    Rs hand piece 0 pulses Max G hand piece 0 pulses Y hand piece 0 pulses 7.1 software Unit includes: Power cord Inter lock Keys Foot pedal User Manual Learn More
  3. Palomar Estelux - Low Price - Used

    This is a 2004 unit that comes with Rs, Y, and G handpieces EsteLux Features: Affordability and Value The Palomar EsteLux combines the latest flashlamp technology with streamlined engineering. It is a highly effective system for hair removal and vascular and pigmented lesion treatments that all physicians can afford. Learn More
  4. Palomar Medilux - Low Price - Used

    Palomar systems deliver pulsed light over one smooth pulse duration, rather than the multiple power spikes (which may damage skin) that other technologies use. This patented smooth pulse technology keeps the epidermal temperature lower, for far more comfortable treatments. It also allows for the safe delivery of greater amounts of energy, which is more effectively absorbed by pigment and blood, producing greater efficacy. Learn More
4 Item(s)