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Medicam Evostar 7 IPL Laser - Lower Price - Used

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Medicam Evostar 7 IPL Laser ; Operating Condition, Single Owner, Closing Office; Includes: (1) Handpiece, (1) 600 nm Crystal, (1) 562 nm Crystal, (1) 510 nm Crystal, (1) 420 Crystal, Key, Operator Manual, Footswitch, (1) Operator Eyewear, (1) Patient Eyewear, and 90 Day Warranty
Year : 2012

SKU: Medicam Evostar 7 IPL Laser - Lower Price - Used

Categories: Laser Hair Removal, Used Laser, Medicam, Laser

Description :
Medicam Evostar 7 IPL Laser ; Operating Condition, Single Owner, Closing Office; Includes: (1) Handpiece, (1) 600 nm Crystal, (1) 562 nm Crystal, (1) 510 nm Crystal, (1) 420 Crystal, Key, Operator Manual, Footswitch, (1) Operator Eyewear, (1) Patient Eyewear, and 90 Day Warranty
Year : 2012

Product Specifications :

Light Source Professional Xenon Lamp - Intense Pulse Light
Integrated Skin Cooling 3 Cooling Systems - Water Cooling, Air Cooling, and Semiconductor- 2 extra large fans on the sides and 3 medium fans on the back to cool down electronics, a water tank and 2 radiators to cool down the unit and handpiece, and 2 semiconductors to cool down the crystal(s).
Crystals 4 Crystals Standard - 420-1200 nm, 510-1200 nm, 560-1200 nm, 640-1200 nm; Up to 6 Crystals Available
Output Wave Range 420-1200 nm (Standard), 350-1200 nm (with additional handpeice and applications)
Output Light Spot Size 8 x 40 mm2
Trigger Handpiece Trigger and Footswitch
Stand Stand on Wheels with Drawer
Energy Density 0 - 50 j/cm2
Pulse Sequence 2, 3, 5
Frequency 0.3 - 1 HZ
Pulse Width and Delay 5-60 ms (D) and 2-15 ms (W) (Standard), Up to 20 ms (W) (with additional handpiece and applications)
Repeat Frequency 1/2/3 Hz
Integrated Skin Cooling 0-2
Electrical Requirements 220V or 110V, 15 a or 16a
Power 800 W (Standard), 1100 W (with additional handpiece and applications)
Net Weight 25 kg, 52 lbs (Machine Only)

Manufacturer Notes :

Standard Handpiece Applications:

Hair Removal
Skin Rejuvenation

Additional Applications Available with 2nd Handpiece:

Cellulite Reduction
Skin Tightening
Deep Skin Tightening

The Evolutive EVOSTAR offers you the latest technology of IPL (Intense Pulse Light systems). 2 large fans, 3 medium fans in the back, an integrated breaker to protect your unit from power surge, a dedicated water tank to cool down the crystal and the handpiece(s) and for your patient comfort, an 8.4” color touch screen.

Who is the Medicam Research Center, and why did they develop the MD-IPL series?
Medicam Group is an innovative provider / manufacturer of medical high technology products. Since its foundation in 2001, Medicam has built a strong reputation as a supplier of equipment for both Medical Equipments and for treatment of cosmetic disorders, including hair removal and skin / photo rejuvenation.

The product portfolio is centered around 5 core systems - MD-IPL, MD Diode Lasers, YAG Lasers, Q Switched Lasers and CO2 lasers Series offering easy to use, yet safe and effective treatments, for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation (treatment of sun-damaged skin), Tattoo removal etc.... MD series are used by many leading professional beauty therapists. MD has been developed for the medically qualified user, and offers greater flexibility in treatment, and the ability to handle a wider range of medical conditions. As well as hair removal and Photo Rejuvenation. MD series can be used against vascular and pigmented lesions.

What is Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal?
Intense pulsed light hair removal is a new and advanced, long-term hair removal method. A client sits or lies in a comfortable position, and then a technician glides a wand-like tool, or handpiece, over his or her skin. The handpiece emits a beam of specially filtered light, which is absorbed by the hair and converted to heat. This heat disintegrates the hair and disables the hair follicle.

Is the Treatment Safe?
Yes, it is very safe. Some people may experience mild reddening of the treatment area for a day or so after treatment, but other complications are rare. The Intense Pulsed Light system delivers energy to the skin very gently. Plus, the handpiece extracts heat from the skin during each pulse of light for maximum protection.

How long does it take?
Treatments are extremely fast, over twice as fast as waxing. A pair of legs or a man's back can be treated in less than ten to twenty minutes. Smaller areas, such as the face or back of the neck, can be done in less than a minute.

Does it hurt?
No. The light is selectively absorbed by the hair and hair follicles. The skin itself is exposed to little heat. Plus, no irritating chemicals are used, and the hairs aren't pulled on in any way.

How long does the hair stay gone?
Hair may never return at all. The exact amount of time that the hair stays gone depends on the area being treated, the settings selected by the technician, and individual hair and skin factors. Depending on the settings used by the technician in accordance with the patient request, hair removal may either be permanent or for a certain period of time (4-5-6 months)

What body areas can be treated?
Almost any area of the body can be treated: the legs, back, upper lip, chin, underarms, back of the neck, bikini line, etc.

I have some unsightly sunspots on my hands. What can I do about them?
This is where Intense Pulsed Light systems are superior to lasers, as they can offer more than one type of treatment. Intense Pulsed Light utilizes a range of wave lengths [laser has only a single wavelength], which enables it to respond to hair color, small red blood vessels and pigmentation irregularities in the skin due to sun damage. The hand piece is placed on the skin over the sunspots or other pigmentation and a bright flash of light is released. This light is absorbed by the pigmented area, which will go even darker over the next few hours. The area will look a bit "dirty" or dark for about a week, then it will slough off leaving clear fresh new skin. Often only one treatment is necessary to create a stunning difference. This treatment is not only very effective for those aging, unsightly-looking sunspots on hands, but is excellent for irregular pigmentation on face, neck, etc...

What is IPL Photorejuvenation?
Both the pleasure and stresses of life, along with the simple passage of time, tend to cause our skin to appear older. IPL Photorejuvenation is a non-invasive treatment that erases skin damage without disruption of the skin's surface, hence, no "downtime".
Using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), It can simultaneously treat a wide range of facial concerns safely and effectively, such as broken capillaries, skin discoloration, age spots, freckles, mottled pigmentation and the symptoms of rosacea.
"I no longer need to worry about my blemishes.
I can't believe my eyes!"
Photorejuvenation provides long-term improvement of complexion and skin texture, with only the slightest interruption in your busy lifestyle.

*Does the manufacturer Medicam charge the new owner a ONE TIME equipment RECERTIFICATION FEE for equipment service? No
*Are consumables needed for this device? No
*Can Service be obtained from an OUTSIDE SOURCE? Unknown
*Information updated: 10/2013

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