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Mindray DC-3 Ultrasound Machine

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High-resolution 15-inch TFT monitor of wide view angle
Omni directional arm, together with a rotatable and height adjustable control panel

SKU: Mindray DC-3 Ultrasound Machine

Categories: Ultrasound, Ultrasound Machines

Product Description

Mindray introduces the DC-3, a compact system with best mobility and flexibility, promising completely new ultrasound scanning experiences through excellent ergonomics and intelligent work flow to accommodate a wide range of applications in different working environments.

Delivering convincing image performance and versatile diagnostic solutions, the DC-3 is designed to perform with speed and accuracy, providing clinicians the ability to obtain enhanced diagnostic confidence with the greatest ease of use and optimal user comfort.

A Compact Design with Exceptional Ergonomics

The DC-3 is designed with customer’s comfort in mind, thus providing various solutions to relieve operator’s fatigue:

  • High-resolution 15-inch TFT monitor of wide view angle
  • Omni directional arm, together with a rotatable and height adjustable control panel
  • The home based operation panel is designed considerately and logically with intuitive menu adjustment knob array and functional button layout.
  • The transducers are ergonomically designed with hand-fit shape, light weight, and flexible cable, and can be quickly switched with four transducer sockets.
  • The USB ports and DVD-R/W are easily accessible, allowing versatile information flow at hand.

iClear: Adaptive Speckle Suppression Technology

iClear TM, the new breakthrough in speckle reduction from Mindray, can help to visualize more tissue subtleties to improve diagnostic confidence. And meanwhile the operator dependence will be reduced and this will ultimately lead to more efficient patient throughput.

An Easy Scan You Can Rely On

  • The DC-3 provides the versatility and flexibility through intelligent work flow:
  • Powerful user-defined presets include imaging parameters, exam mode, measurement items, calculations, shortcut keys, and annotations.
  • iStation™ for easy and powerful patient data management
  • iTouchTM: intelligent one button image optimization for both B and PW images
  • Report template: images from the exam can be embedded in the Exam Report with programmable templates

Additional features

  • 4D imaging: offering you the greatest ability to fully view and enhancing the diagnostic accuracy
  • iBeam™ (Spatial compounding imaging technology) — increasing spatial resolution without compromising imaging frame rate
  • THI (Tissue harmonic imaging) — achieving better contrast and spatial resolution, especially for technically difficult subjects
  • B steer – maneuvering the ultrasound beam for better visualization, especially for the needle guided treatment
  • Trapezoid imaging – enlarging the field of view with linear probes to show more tissue information
  • iScape™ View(Panoramic imaging) — allowing exceptional visualization of anatomical structures and relationships over an extended length of anatomy

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