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Mindray DC-7 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

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4D imaging: real time, more details
Contrast Imaging: enhance pathology structures
iClearTM : speckle noise reduction.

SKU: Mindray DC-7 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine

Categories: Ultrasound, Ultrasound Machines

Product Description


  • 4D imaging: real time, more details
  • Contrast Imaging: enhance pathology structures
  • iClearTM : speckle noise reduction.
  • iScapeTM view: wide field of view imaging
  • iZoom: full screen image display to offer more visibility.
  • Phase inversion tissue harmonic imaging
  • Touch screen: Multi-language input and user definable selections and layout
  • High resolution LCD monitor

Radiology Application:

The DC-7 provides the versatility and premium image quality needed across a wide range of patients and exam types from deep abdominal to superficial small parts.

With streamlined workflow, DC-7 makes your scanning comfortable and productive.

Advanced technology:

  • iClear : speckle reduction technology improves contrast resolution without compromising spatial resolution
  • iBeamTM: reduces random noise and enhances border differentiation
  • Frequency compounding imaging: achieves the excellent balance between spatial resolution and penetration at depth

Wide clinical applications:

  • Contrast imaging: enhances visualization of pathological structures
  • iScapeTMview: provides extended field of view with real-time alignment
  • IMT: automatically calculates and analyzes the carotid intima-media thickness
  • Fifty specific exam modes, more than twenty probes
  • Rich series of biopsy devices, including both disposable and reusable needle-guided brackets

Streamlined workflow:

  • Fast system response: keeps you focus on images and patients
  • Four active probe ports: saves probe switch time between any different exams
  • DICOM3.0 (Storage, Print, DIR, Worklist, MPPS, HIS,RIS )

OB&GYN Application:

The DC-7 opens the door for unique concerns of women health and fetal care. With value added performance, DC-7 can meet the challengesfrom routine OB/GYN exams to further research studies,paving the way for the new experience of expertise.

New applications:

  • 3D/4D imaging: offers you the greatest flexibility to fully view, and better analyzes the VOI with enhanced diagnostic accuracy
  • New transvaginal probe: larger view of angle and better ergonomic design you’re your scanning more comfortable


  • Zoom function: automatic combination of large-scale pan zoom and spot zoom, provides the best zoom effect to visualize small structures
  • Fetus analysis: various OB tables and trend graph for analyzing fetal growth easily
  • DVD Recorder: records baby’s face and emotion for the parents
  • Complete measurement items and formulae with professional report template are provided specifically for OB/GYN exams


  • C5-2 – Abdominal, OB/GYN
  • 3C5A – Abdominal, OB/GYN
  • 6C2 – Pediatric
  • V10-4 – Endovaginal, OB/GYN (160°)
  • V10-4B – Endovaginal, OB/GYN (160°, with curved handle)
  • 7L4A – General imaging, vascular, small parts (tunning, not compatible with DC-6 and DC-3)
  • 7L5 – Small parts, musculoskeletal, breast, vascular (50mm)
  • L14-6 – Small parts, musculoskeletal, breast, vascular
  • L11-4 – General imaging, vascular, small parts
  • L7-3 – Vascular
  • 2P2 – Adult cardiac, abdominal, TCD
  • 4CD4 – OB/GYN (4D Option Required)

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