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Philips Envisor C Ultrasound Machine

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Engineered for maximum user comfort, safety and convenience The EnVisor C system delivers state-of-the-art ergonomics and mobility

SKU: Philips Envisor C Ultrasound Machine

Categories: Ultrasound, Ultrasound Machines

Product Description
2 Probes Included
- L12-3 Vascular
- S4 Phased Array Cardiac Probe

- Features and Benefits + Performance and Clinical Utility + Advanced Ergonomics + Data Management

EnVisor C delivers feature-rich performance, forward-thinking ergonomics for user comfort and safety, and extensive time-saving features for meeting the demands of the busiest lab or practice—all achieved for the first time without compromising imaging quality or consistency. And all of this comes at a truly achievable price point.

Performance and Clinical Utility A full suite of advanced features in an affordable system The power of the EnVisor C system’s broadband platform enables support of Philips’ most powerful advanced features for clinical performance unsurpassed in its price range. These features work in harmony to meet everyday clinical challenges:

Fusion Signal Processing is a multichannel frequency compounding technology that breaks the returning broadband signals into as many as five individual sub-bands and processes these signals independently and in parallel. Microfine Focusing achieves finer dot size in grayscale exams for improved tissue uniformity throughout the entire depth of field. Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) helps to dramatically reduce artifacts, haze and clutter. Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging (available on the EnVisor HD) allows for further gains in axial resolution and overall clarity. Intelligent Doppler automatically adjusts the system to a specified scanning angle to produce consistent and accurate measurements while allowing users to achieve any angle needed to perform a study. Doppler Trace allows the EnVisor C system to routinely perform calculations and display measurements you have selected. Adaptive Doppler technology, which boosts weak signals and dramatically reduces noise. Adaptive Color Doppler analyzes focal depth and automatically selects the optimal color Doppler or angio frequency for superb resolution. Stress Echo is an option offering integrated and customizable stress protocols, system settings and intelligent prompts for fast image acquisition, storage and retrieval.

Advanced Ergonomics Engineered for maximum user comfort, safety and convenience The EnVisor C system delivers state-of-the-art ergonomics and mobility, as well as time-saving features ranging from near-instantaneous mode changes to one-touch image optimization.

Philips has created a new paradigm in the practice of ultrasound by designing a system that adjusts to the individual operator’s needs. With the Envisor C system, there is no forcing users into uncomfortable scanning positions. It was designed with the help of ultrasound users around the world, focusing on ergonomic factors in both standing and sitting positions to help prevent operator fatigue or injury.

The control panel and monitor move up and down, supporting users of all heights. With more than 300 degrees of rotation of the panel and monitor, as well as easily accessed mode and measurement keys, the EnVisor C system enables users to place controls where they’re most accessible, cutting down on extended reaching that places users at risk for repetitive stress injuries. And its light weight, small footprint and four-wheel swivel capability complete the ergonomic picture by allowing access to the tightest spaces, making the EnVisor C system an ideal solution for portable exams.

Data Management Flexible and powerful data management The EnVisor C system’s on-board image and data management capabilities give you all the tools to catalog, store, administer and share diagnostic images and patient study information. Furthermore, EnVisor C data management is flexible enough to fit almost any clinical setting, from a single system to a sophisticated PACS environment, and can adapt to your changing needs.

Integrated and standard, the system’s workstation-like capabilities allow many online functions.

Quickly access stored data through thumbnail review. Edit images, loops and reports with ease. Perform measurements and take advantage of the system’s extensive analysis packages. Embed images within reports for a comprehensive file that is easy to store and share with colleagues. Additionally, the EnVisor C system’s PC-based architecture enables images to be saved in a variety of file formats, including .avi clips or bitmap files for use in PC presentation software. You can archive images in these formats or native DICOM format to CD for a low-cost or incorporate the system into your network.

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